Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stop motion Pro XC Nats

I was playing with my brothers high dollar camera and ended up doing this.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The early bird

I was making rice at 4am this morning, but so were probably 2 billion other people, living in Asia, so I am ok with that.  I whipped up some of Allen Lims rice cakes (bacon free for Butch) and met Butch so we could bust out some early morning miles south of the cities.

I also have been using Skratch labs SDM, and I really have to admit that I feel much more "fresh" at the end of the ride when I am not ingesting tons of calories with my liquids.  I also read the "Feedzone" Cookbook, and the approach that Lim takes is in no way revolutionary.  However, Lim has the "street cred" to make people believe that his ideas function and taste good.  I am in no way going to eschew gluten, but I had a long talk with a doctor (over expensive scotch) about non-imflamatory foods. Rice was at the top of her list for foods that fight inflammation.  Not saying that I understand the nutrition issues, but it gives me lots of things to think about.
PhotoCred: Butch

Anyway, we busted out about a 55 mile loop before 10:30.  It was super calm. so calm that if a car passed, the dust would hang over the road for like 3 minutes. If you stopped the mosquitos would quickly descend. Made for a quick tempo (maybe quicker than Butch liked).  It was a good morning.
I am really starting to dig this Garmin.  It makes planning my ride so much easier.  I have a Drawer that is literally filled with hundreds of google map print outs and tyvek race #'s with cues written on them in sharpie.  I may take them out back and burn them.  It has taken me some time to figure out all the little GPS navigation nuances, but I have been pleased.

Leaving for Idaho on Tuesday.  Going to see the Newest Stamper and hopefully catch up with professional and unprofessional cyclists at XC Nationals in Sun Valley.