Thursday, February 26, 2009

The dough boy

Been playing with doughs as of recent, and tried my hand at pizza dough as defined by the
Cheeseboard Collective
Here is the Dough recipe:

Clicky make biggy
The secret to these pies is no sauce. The toppings consist of Cheese and Veggies.
Split you cheese into 1/3rd and 2/3rd piles. Spread the 2/3rd pile of cheese over the three small doughs, then layer on your veggies. then use your reserved 1/3 pile of cheese to top dress your pies. Then sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese over the top.
Slide the pies into the oven on a up-sidedown baking pan for about 40 minutes after the oven has preheated to 450 F.
Why and up-side-down pan? It will be much easier to slide the pie off directly onto the wire racks of your oven for the last 5 minutes of baking.
Rotate the pies position from a upper rack to a lower rack position every 10-15 minutes.
After 35-40 minutes You will slide the pies off the pan directly onto the wire oven racks for about 5 more minutes. This will help give the bottom of the crust a nice crisp-ness.
after 40-45 minutes your crust should be a nice golden brown.
Pull it out of the oven and drizzle a little lemon juice over the top. and sprinkle on some chopped cilantro.

Now comes the hardest part........See Here

Be prepared to fend off the advances of women enamored with your culinary prowess.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fueling the fire

I am told that a picture is worth a thousand words......

You could write a book with this one....the bottle is full of chocolate milk.

Mark Smelser is responsible for this explosion of red bike and flavor. Apperently Mark used the Chef as his fuel of choice to win a National Div. 1 Collegiate Criterium Title in 2006.

The road goes on forever. This is old K18 which traverses to Alma and MacFarland on the South side of I70.

Tanner and Zack behaving childishly

Yes ,Tanner has his finger in his nose.
We crushed about 60 miles of gravel on Friday given the warm(er) weather.
That white spot in the center is a Bald eagle who did not care for the cut of my jib when I tried to get in for a closer look. I suck at capturing nature.
Saturday I drove to Clinton Lake hoping to catch up with the Locke and the Kings of Cowtown, but got there a little late. So I slapped on the Tomicog and commenced to lay down some frozen fixed gear fjear for about 3 hours. My legs were done. Afterwards I was treated to to Biscuits and gravy by Patterson and his bonny lass in Larry-ville.

Then Last night we had a pizza making party with Tom and Lexi. The above is a butternut squash sauce with Prosciutto, Call Hall bacon, onions, and lotza Motzza! the saltiness from the cured meats complimented the slight sweetness of the Butternut really well. We are gonna have to do this again. Lots of food, fellowship and fun.

I made a Veggie pie with maters, onions, and cilantro and lemon juice.

On other news, ordered a new Chainring from Tomi as my old Aluminum one is pretty well beat. Gonna see how a 34 tooth treats me. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lighting your path

Jay's stuff can now be found here no more searching MTBR
Quality is great and batteries are finally affordable thanks to his use of non-proprietary batterys.
Think of Ameoba lights as the "open source software" of the light industry.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting it done

I have had a very productive extended weekend, and have had a spectacular time. Friday I had to go down to south central Kansas to lay out fertility plots for Hollies fertilizer trials. So I took Brutus along for the ride. I really liked the old Nissan truck commercials from around, the sales line was

Dogs love Trucks.
So needless to say he is always game to travel. We were at two different locations bordered by CRP ground so he had plenty of room to run and chase vermin.

That evening we visited the high society crowd at Tom Park's abode for a wine and cheese soiree.
Then on Saturday I cleaned the house all day, while Al was off making my money. Mopped, vacuumed, washed dishes,, cleaned the bathroom, all in the name of love. What does love have to do with it?
Then Me and Brute drove up to Fancy Creek to ride and run (I ride, he runs). The Front half of Fancy creek was pretty swampy so we were both pretty gross. Then drove home, and we both had a grooming experience, so that my freshly cleaned abode would not be defiled.

Then this (Sunday) morning I got up and started making muffins, quiche, fruit salad. Then once those things were in order I grabbed Brute and out the door we went. Rode to the Panera Bread store to get bagels via the linear trail. Its about 8 miles round trip, and is a pretty good way to traverse the West side of Manhappenin. Its also a good area for the dingo to get his sniff on.
Then got back and finished the brunch prep. Brunch is a dying artform in my mind, and I am doing my best to keep it alive. We had everyone over after church, and had coffee and Mimossa's then tucked in.

Once everyone drifted off for the afternoon (to sleep), I grabbed the cross bike and hit the gravel. Decided to hit up Fort Riley and see how their gravel is. There is lots of it, but it very steep.

Once I got on to the base the gravel suddenly became very coarse and very large. I jarred my way for about 5 miles and saw a paved roadto the west so I cut over to it. There was a sign that said Danger: Tank Traffic so I had been on a tank road all that time. Not quite sure what the IMBA policy is on who yeilds first, cyclists or tanks?
Then I headed back east towards town, and I as I was comming into town I saw a chocolate lab off by himself on the side of the road. So I sidled up to him and had a look at his collar, and turns out that his name was Harley and he owned some people and their numbers were on his collar. So I pounded some digits and got them reunited. Harley looked like he had been on a "personal journey" for the last few hours. Then cruised back into town just as the shadows were falling on the prairie.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man Food

Was cruising the blogosphere and saw many things, and read some spectacular stories, but this was truly a subject worth sharing.
More later today........gotta shred the gnar while the sun shines.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Carolina dreaming

Saw that the NE TN MTB crowd was riding Overmountain Victory Trail this past weekend.
Greg and Allen had some pretty sweet video
Alans video of OVT is here, and he has some pretty cool perspective with the seat post mount
Gregs is here, and he is rocking the fork mounted video.
Wilkesboro and Kerr Scott Lake is the New Tsali of mountainous bike cycling, if you have not been there you should definitely go. The folks with Brushy Mtn Cycling club put in a ton of work in them there hills.
Makes me miss home immensely. Last night I put the pen to paper and plotted and planned for this next year.
Al and I have traveled out west the last few summers, and have not been home in a coons age. So if fuel stays low, I think we may try to get home in August.
That way I can act like a fool for a day
That is if our parents love us enough to give us some gas money. hint hint wink, wink!
Last year Mom tried to bribe us into coming home by paying fuel and entry into the race of my choice as long as it was close to NC/TN, and like a moron I went to ID instead.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another week

Just got back to the house, Me and Brute-nasty rolled out to the River trails for some night riding. It was really warm, and we both had a grand time. Thats a 2-a-day for both of us, as we both got our run on at 6am this morning. Big Al is working late, and I am killing time till she gets home. Just turned on some Cake (Fashion Nugget) to jam to.
Thats better.....gotta make some spring rolls for dinner. Think I will make a few with a pork and kim-chee filling just to keep things crazy.
Weather is sposed to hold through Sat. Saturday her Al-ness has to go to continuing Ed in Topeka. That means I get to ride my mountainous bike-cycle all day. sweet!
As of tomorrow Al will no longer be with Gaia, rather she has decided to go it alone.
Lotus Health Works is her new business
Ok thats all I got.