Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its not duct tape but its the next best thing if you have a wedge type eccentric bottom bracket that is so prevelant on gary fisher rigs and ferrous Mtb's.
Big Als rig has been making the most horrible squeaking and knocking noise whenever you would be out of the saddle grinding up a big climb. I tried taking it out and greasing it, cleaning it and then greasing the poo out of it again.
And it still squeaked.
I even thought it might have been the BB itself, and took that apart and played with it.
Then I started searching Now I take everyhting that is on MTBR with a grain of salt cuz there are alot of people that post on there just to read their own writing. But often I find some really good ideas and this was one of them.
  1. First take your seat post out and ride you bike up a hill. this just is a precaution to make sure that it is actually your EBB and not your seat or post that doin the whining.
  2. Next pull out the EBB, wipe it down really well and look at the wedge. you should see primary wear spots on the wedge if it has been squeaking long. this is probably where the the sound is eminating from. especially if you do not see any wear spots on the anodized surface of the BB.
  3. Solution is to put two wraps of teflon plumbers tape over the wear spots on the wedge and one wrap around the rest of the EBB. then gently slide the EBB back into the clean EBB shell ( it will fit a little more snuggly) Now put your cranks back on, tension the chain, apply torque to the set screww in you EBB and go ride.

    It should also be noted that This was not my idea, nor did I take the pictures. But I do not like listing MTBR user names to give credit cuz I have no way of knowing if it is a original idea. I find this incredibly annoying. But this is a new facet of the age of inforamtion and livin in a wikipedia world. Hope that this helps somebody.

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Josh said...

Nice fix.

I too hate online monikers, if it was important enough to say on the interwebs, own it.

Will you be racing this weekend?