Sunday, June 27, 2010

Updated:No Hope for this one

Update: Hope had a new hubshell in the mail to me within 48 hours. No Questions asked. That is customer service.

Last night Noah and I got in a good 4 hour night ride from Traquility down to Swanson via the Papio and the Keystone trails.
We didn't have to fire up the lights until the latter half of the ride, and even then we rode by the moonlight on the paved sections. A quick stop at McD's so I could get something to drink, and indulge in a hot fudge sundae made for a perfect evening. Good times!

Then I found this today.

Sad times. I can honestly say that I have 10,000 miles on this hub as it was my gravel/CX wheel for 2 years. It has outlasted a surly cog and two different rims. I am told that Hope has great warranty service. Gonna find out.

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Brad said...

It's got to be from pedaling with those meaty legs! Let's do some Laramie talk'n soon.