Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So this past week I had the opportunity to go out to Portland to see my family. I haven't seen my folks in over a year. It was the typical Stamper family get together with lots of smoking and drinking.

Actually, it turns out that my sis-n-law "Mandy Lou Who" is hopelessly addicted to candy cigarettes. She literally bought a carton of candy cig's. My folks did not know what to think.

The Oregon Coast is pretty pimp once you get away from the Californians.

Driftwood shenanigans.

Even though it looks like awesome weather the temp never got above 55F. However the sand warmed up at low tide, and it felt really awesome to sit on a log and put your feet into the warm sand as you were shivering.

Al cropped this picture.

Traffic jam on hwy 101

Then we stayed a night in Portland. We dined at the HUB. I was sated.

This week the nub is going to review several new brake sets, and then Waller and I have some Gravel Worlds shenanigans cooked up.

PS. If anyone has a EZ-UP tent (or something in that genre of shelter)that I could use for the weekend, I (and many others) would be especially grateful. I promise it will only be used for good deeds, and will provide you with a cash deposit.

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It made me smile to remember.