Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flatwater Lincoln CX Race

It was really great to see that big of a 1,2,3 field at a CX race. I think more promoters should make a note of what Lefler and and the Flatwater crew did by not paying the 3's but paying 15 deep in the open field.
Speaking of the 3's, Noah Marcus and Tyler Whetstone did battle for most of the 3's race. It was really good to see a real back and forth battle. Tyler is one of my closest friends, and even then I would not want to jockey for position with him. He will push you around if he gets the chance to get inside your head. However, Matt Maxon came out of nowhere (like Sioux City?) with like 2 to go, charged to the front, and never looked back........not like we haven't seen him do that before. Dudes got a motor!

I threw my hat into the Open Race to see if I could break even on the day. Big Field, had a really good start, rolling in the top 12.

Photo Cred Dan Farnham
As things sorted themselves out on the first lap I saw that Jeff Bonsall was right behind me, so I figured I would have someone to work with.

Bonsall: In control.
As I came across the Start/finish I saw MG laying on the pavement looking kind of dazed and missing some skin (Get well buddy!) Then in one of the corners on the lower part of the course I got a little to big for my britches and went down hard. I knocked my front end out of alignment and banged my knee up pretty good. It definitely took the wind out of my sails. I dropped like 10 spots and proceeeded to chase for the next 50 minutes. One of the most demoralizing things about racing with the 1,2's is that if you fall off the pace there is not a lot of chances to make the bridge back up. I think I got 19th?

photo cred NOA
I consoled myself with refreshments on the run thanks to CVO, Malcolm, and all the Lincoln Hooligans.
I even snagged a dollar! Those guys definitely set the bar for super fans!

I really liked Lefler as an announcer.......He does a phenomenal job keeping fan up on the action, and it lets the riders know where they are. Good Show! I also like how the officials did not mess around, the results were posted and awards were done very quickly.The Flatwater crowd runs a pretty tight ship.

Looking forward to another great Lincoln weekend next month!


Noah Marcus said...

well...I definitely learned a thing or two about racing yesterday. Look forward to the opportunity to race Tyler again :)

On an unrelated note... I have to say I'm not really a fan of splitting the 3's up. I mean there were only 10 guys starting the '3 only' race. Either have all the 3's race the '3's only' race, or have all the 3's ride the cat. 1/2/3 race. What's the point of two watered down races? There were probably less than 10 cat. 3 guys in the 1/2/3 race anyway.

Joshua Stamper said...

Yeah, the trend now in some of The races down south is to have a 2/3's race for the folks to That run the risk of getting lapped in a "open" race. Yeah, yesterday was the first time I ever got lapped.

TWhet is the least of your worries, you need to deal with Maxon!

Noah Marcus said...

Don't worry, Maxon is on my list!