Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Danger Pins

I have safety pins everywhere. In my race bags, toolbox, truck cupholders, jacket pockets, the lint trap of my dryer.....everywhere. I hate safety pins.
Previously I have used 3M's Spray Adhesive "45" to adhere race numbers to my kit, but have been unable to find it at Menards (or anywhere in NE).

There are like 6 different kinds of 3M spray adhesive and they will all stick your number to you, but the higher the "number" the more residue will be left on your kit. This residue is also compounded if the spray is applied to heavily and applied while adhesive is still "wet". Remember its like gluing a patch on a inner tube, gotta let it dry a bit.

So I when I was loafin in Menards today I found Loctites version of "45". The other nice thing was that it costs half of what 3M "45" does.
When you are putting the adhesive on the back of your race number make sure to apply it evenly around the edges and some towards to middle. I like to lay my jersey out on a flat surface before I slap the number on so there aren't any wrinkles underneath. If you are rocking the skinsuit its best to have your number applied after you kit up.

There will probably not be many more tandem jaunts till after Feb. as Ali commented that her knees were starting to hit her belly. I like this time of year.

This fatherhood thing is sinking in! Next year there will be a trailer behind this rig!

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Brad said...

Never heard of that spray. Neat!