Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Early Dirtbag gets the worm

Got 11 hours of sleep last night.
Unfortunately Al and Jasper were raging late into the night.
So I was responsible for ops this morning.

Finally got him put down.

Prepped Sourdough and made Chicken Salad.

And started getting things together for curried Squid and tempura fried avacado.
Who is coming over for dinner?

Planning to head down to BC for a trot this afternoon. Rain forecast is off and I need to recon to see if I can ride sandy soils in the 60 degree weather tomorrow. Woot.
All my NE homeys are slogging through the 7th ed. of Trans Iowa.
Will TK or Cornbread Bring it on home this weekend? I hope!
Will M-Dub kill tall boys outside of a rural gas station? Without a doubt.
We are ramping up for the closing on Wed. then I got Butch helping me move in on Thursday.
Big Things, man, Big things.....

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