Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being a hardman

I was going to title this post, "I used to be a Pansy" and then launch into about how living in the plains or northern midwest will turn you into a hard ass. This all came about after reading accounts of winter riding in the old country (SE US). Its tough for me to imagine that 6 years ago I have never seen temps below -2 F and wind never really figured into my daily planning. Weather does some really strange things to you mentally.
I remember my first summer in KS, it started to drive me mad because we had a string of 12 cloudless days. I just was not prepared for that sort of crap. That much sunshine will drive you crazy.
In western NC we get about 55 inches of rain per year, and it is spread out evenly throught the entire year. so you can count on at least 1 day a week is going to be cloudy and rainy. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that.
But you never know what is going to happen out here. Which leads me into another rickety segue, I had a dream (nightmare) last night that I was trying to outrun a tornado and ended up having to share a tornado shelter with Lady Gaga. If only Gwar had made a cameo appearance, could that dream been any creepier.
So bottomline, I feel that I have matured as a person since learning to live on the plains, just don't let lady Gaga near me.

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Claire Hilary said...

Too funny. I was just remarking to Rich a couple of days ago about how spoiled we are. So much, that now when we get a 45 degree day, it is deemed 'cold' and we make up all sorts of excuses for not doing things. Ah, I am SO thankful I grew up out that-a-way.

Riding bikes on 5 degree days, snow or ice. Here, we hardly even saw 25 degrees this winter.

I feel totally spoiled now.