Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am not a important person

But it seems like my time is getting pretty valuable. Not enough of it to put my thoughts down on the interwebs.
Made Cookies though.

The right woman would throw herself at you if you have a bucket of these and a half gallon of 2%.

You cant see it below but butch is eating a donut the size of his head.....while riding with a 25 mph tailwind, on a perfect MN day. Happy Easter.

We should have donut hunts on Easter. (Filched from Butches twitter Acct)

God knows about these donuts, he can see them from space.

Katie told Butch she wanted a new back door. We made it happen.

Prepping the new base for the sill plate.
It took us a few hours, mostly due to my OCD and over analysis, but we got it hung.

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