Monday, February 11, 2013

Cross Worlds

Last weekend I went to CX Worlds with my Supervisor Adam. Adam will dispute the fact that he is my supervisor, but his name is on my performance evals, so as far as I am concerned he is my supervisor. It was Adam, his 5 YO son Gerit, Dave, a dentist from Zumbrota, and I in a rental car for 12 hours each way.
It was a glorious time. By the time I got to the hotel all the Kansans were there and well into some PBR. Then some random dude from the Oregon Cross Crusade just wandered into our room, and Slater proceeds to bash OBRA and give the guy crap. If the dude had not just walked into our room I would have felt bad.

Keeping the mighty Ohio river at bay

Jonathon Page put on a good show, but had a mechanical that knoked him out of the running

The course was awesome. I came away from the races thinking that our courses are simply not technical enough.

Voss just made everyone else look weak.


U-23 Next year!

Little Lars was really impressive. Just kept laying the power down late in the race and popped onto the podium.

Bart had a great race too. 

Poops and giggles abounded as we made fun of Brandon Bundys aversion to germs.
I was pretty bummed that I did not get to see Mod's Race, where he brought the rainbow colors back to Nebraska. It was good to see the midwest so well represented.
The snow keeps falling in Minnesota.  Somebody should have shot that groundhog.......


Noah Marcus said...

stars and stripes?

Joshua Stamper said...

Children Feed on your intelligence, they literally suck it right out of your brain. Sorry It is corrected. Sorry Mod!