Friday, May 30, 2008

Dirty kanza prep

So I am fixin to head south. Last night I did a gravel night ride to make sure that my lights worked
and to spin the kinks out. I was really surprised at how many Pheasants I jumped. I chased a Tom for a good 200 yoards and it took me a while to realize what it was was. I was sorta scared of it at first because I had disturbed a skunk earlier in the evening. I did not want to have to ride in the back of the truck all weekend.
I am pretty stoked that the wind is only suposed to be 5 mph so That will be nice. anyhow I will do a long post with pictures on sunday. stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I finally made it home the to pick up my washer/dryer, watch my brother get married, shake the kids, and hit the trails in the southern Appalachian (ap-uh-latch-un) mountains that I have always called home.
Big Al and I drove all night to make the 18 hour trip so that we could have plenty of time to spend with family. We drove through some serious storms on the way out there but as day break saw us into my ol kentucky home of Berea the skys were clear
I got to go ride the Scales trail in The Grayson Highlands State park . This is mostly up and down mountain double track consisting of rocks the size of softballs . I think I shook some fillings loose. I would have hit some of the other stuff in that region but was pushed for time (stupid brother getting married) anyhow Joel got married, saw lots of family, wore a tux ate cake, blah blah.
But I did get a chance to play with the track hoe that dad has been using to clear ground for the new tree crop. I think that I need a track hoe

After the wedding Al and I met her family at Dark mountain in Wilkesboro were they had been camping. The overmountain Victory trail is here. This trail is only a few years old but is a true blast to ride. It is very intensely managed with LOTS of highly bermed turns so it is extremely fast. It was a little wet when I rode but when its dry there is nothing like it. Imagine a BMX/pump track that is 10 miles long and totally in the woods.....its sick! Afterwards we went to Johnson City to visit with the Matney family. I also took this opportunity to ride Buffalo Mountain. Now, up until I came to KS I had never really ridden SS gearing greater than 32-20, and after turning 32-18 for all of this riding I realized why. If I was not such a proud person I would have walked a few spots. I think that a 19 tooth cog is in order for my next trip.
Anyhow I rode from Sara and Brads up to the Fire road access (brad and I usually drive this) Then started to long arduous climb to the top and then accessed the ATV trails. I took these to the uber-secret MTB trails that are unmarked and marginal in quality, but very steep......downhill..... for a long way. I actually had to put on a jacket for the descent. It was good.
Then my ma in law took us to Bojangles (my favorite sketchy fast food joint). It makes life worth living.