Thursday, October 30, 2008


Rode the fixie mtb of river trails last night, and it was a lot of fun. My previous fixed gear experience left me with a new affirmation of faith. I thought that my life was going to end.
I had previously read peoples fixie mtb experiences and heard the claim of being "one" with the bike and all that zen like crap. I attributed that sense of oneness that they were feeling to the sphincter tightening experience I had when I forgot to pedal. But no, once you get going, and are riding something with lots of flow, it was a blast. Changed how I approached logs and obstacles. anyhow it was great fun for big cheif, I even learned how to skid...... even the hobos were impressed

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting owned

I got destroyed this sunday in my first ever attempt to race geared cross. I also logged my first ever anything.
I just did not want to be on my bike. It was not one of my finer moments. I also managed to get owned in the SS class. was a fun course though. the wind was brutal though. Gonna go to Boss cross this weekend, though I will not be racing. I am gonna volunteer and cheer, but I need to start saving money and throwing money at these races is a losing proposition in my mind. Especially when I have to drive from Manhattan.
Enough complaining

On the upside I got my tomicog yesterday and managed not to die riding to work this morning. I am gonna try to sneak away and ride the river trail tomorrow afternoon. Considering my lack of fixed gear prowess it should be amusing, at least to the crusty hobos that hang out on the river trails. I am also gonna try to replace a bearing on a TIME ATAC pedal that has a plastic on plastic squeak when turned...... very weird. If anyone has ever replaced a bearing on a Time pedal I am all ears to any tips or suggestions.
Big Al is also home from the Northern Hinterlands of MN, so its time to straighten up or else......

Friday, October 24, 2008

Smitheville Cross Festival is this weekend, and since Big Al is away I will go play. I would still go even if she was here, but that rhymed and I was feeling poetic. Wasn't feeling so poetic this morning. I have something up my sleeve this weekend and I will let ya know how it works out later. It will be a first for me!
Big Al is up in the northern hinterlands of Minnesota and Wisconsin probably punchin some hippy right in the mouth as we speak (cuz that how she rolls).
Bought tickets to fly into Twin Falls Idaho in January. Gonna go skiing at Sun Valley and visit with Joel and Mandy.
Ok for now