Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blues Cluesing

That how I listened to one of my friends refer to this weekends events. We alway look forward to a trip to the Palen Farm, and this year is no different. The rest of the wayward flock will be in attendance with lots of solo entries. Then after a day of racing and a night of blues music we are headed south to Lake Wilson for a afternoon of riding and setting up the slack line across one of the channels


And The Agony of Defeat!

The thing I probably love most about traveling and racing with our motley band is the fact that you just never know what is going to happen! Tales and stories will be in store for next week.
I am off to get some ducks in a row for some tandem country cruising with the Arnolds tonite!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the other side of the fence

It always greener....
What do I want to do? Something else
Where do I want to live? Not here

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Loot that needs a home

We are cleaning things out and have several items that have alot of life left in them
like the following:
Mountainsmith Int. frame backpack ~5000 cu inches Med. probably 15 years old (back when everything was made in the Golden, CO) $20 Edit: If you are a active Boy Scout I will give this to you or know a boy scout that needs a backpack let me know.

5:10 UFO climbing shoes size 38 Free

slumberjack mummy bag Free

Really nice picnic back pack with picnic utensils (we do not go pic-a-nicking)Free

Columbia rain coat (large)Free

Older model Petzl headlamp (the kind that utilized the 4.5v batteries) includes a new 4.5v battery $5 Spoken for

Set of 4 Yakima (73) Q clips $15

Black Leather Scarpa GTX boots size 10.5 really well worn from a lifetime of guide work, kind of ugly. Crampon compatible. Perfect for kicking hippies. long as you kick hippies

Super Hot Thick "smurf Blue" knee high wool socks. My cankles start sweating just looking at them, perfect for winter riding w/ knickers Must be seen to appreciate. Free

Book: Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills hardback 6th Ed. $10 Spoken for

Lots of other random stuff
Come and get it otherwise its bound for goodwill.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ameoba update

Found this pic of Brad fighting the good fight, on the ascent of Bull MTN at the Fools Gold Race

Last night her Al-ness and I grabbed the yet to be named Mtn tandem for some night time gravel cruising. This also marked the the first time that I used my WH Spot Ameoba in conjunction with my handlebar mounted Ameoba flood.
Holy Nuts! It was like driving a car on high beams.
Using these two lights together, we were laying down 920 lumens! for less that $420 USD
Seriously, If you want to see at night, on a bike you need to give Jay a shout.

Jay has been representing BGR on the Front Range!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home and the Shadow 16.5

The Muffin huffed and puffed its way back to KS with us and the goods in tow. We brought home the battleship, and its up for sale.
Dagger Shadow 16.5 that includes skirt, bilge pump, carbon paddle, and yakima hully-rollers. Will make you a screaming deal! We are also selling the road bikes in an effort to pay off some debt and consolidate our bike stable.......after I get a geared cross bike. I post pictures and prices later this week. Off for a gravel night ride on the Tandem!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fools Gold 50 miler

B-rad and I took off from the inlaws heading for Dahlonega, GA to race the 50 mile event that is part of the national NUE Series. We found ourselves camped next to his illustrious dicky-ness and the venerable "Elk" on a FS road.
I pitched my tarp (never doubt the power of my bushcraft), and went to bed at around 2100.

At around 0530 I struggled out of the sack and fired up my amoeba and blazed a very bright trail about a mile over to Camp Wahsega to drop off one of my sag bags, and then started the ritual of snarfing some vittles and caffenating.
The 100 milers (about 65 of them) started 15 minutes before the lowly 50 mile crowd. I watched the start and detirmined that I wanted to get to the front early to avoid any bottle necking before the 6 mile fire road climb.
With a shout we were off (about 150)and I quickly found myself with another SS (stephen Ridgeway) in that odd no-mans land between the top 4 or 5 and the rest of the pack. The climb really stretched things out and after about 10 minutes I looked back and no one was around. Climbing is something that has always been pretty easy for me to get in a groove and just go. I managed to get about 10 seconds on steve at on point in the climb up to cooper gap, but he quickly reeled my back in as we reached the top. We rolled through some SUPER Sketchy gravel road descending and I found myself back amongst the common folk as the geared riders flexed their big rings on the downhill. I stopped at the 1st aid station to eat a pbj and refill water. At this point I was starting to pass some of the slower 100 mile racers. Then we made the jump into that sweet red GA singletrack.
One thing that I will atest to is that living an riding in KS has made me a better technical rider, and it really paid off back east. I felt like I was flying, and reeling them in one at a time. I rolled into the 2nd aid station to find that there was no food, just water. Muttering things under my breath about 100 dollar entry fees, I grabbed a lara bar out of my sag bag and took off again for the Bull mountain loop.
Up untill now the riding had been pretty tame aside from the brain jarring gravel descent, well that was about to change. We started climbing on some pretty steep and well worn horse trails that undulated for a little while then split into some rooty, chattering descents before we were spit back out on FS roads. I rolled back to the aid station to find that food was there so I started putting down some calories and fished a Starbucks Doubleshot out of my sag bag.
This was about the 30 mile point, but by mile 33 the cramps had set in on my legs, and I quickly had to step back into damage control mode.
I have always had cramping problems wether I was running marathons or cycling. How well I do depends on how long before I cramp. And I dont mean little cramps. Its so bad I cannot stay on my feet. It generally the muscles in my inner thigh, but some times my feet will cramp and my toes will curl up so that I have to take my shoes off.
Anyhow, a few folks slipped by me as I was stretching and I chased them back down, only to have them slip away again as I rolled around in the woods, wimpering and massaging my inner thigh muscles.
I rolled across the finish line in 4 hours and 52 minutes, good enough for a 4th place SS finish and a top 25 overall.
I proceeded to get a drink and wait for brad to roll in. He crossed the line in 5 hours and 14 minutes to finish 34th.
Results are Here

B-rad and I after the race

I did get to see another familiar face, Christine Rucker (in grey) was representing the ladies in the 50 miler and Finished 3rd! We met Christine a few months back at a wedding in OK where she was the photographer. And come to find out we lived in the same county in NC, Its a small world!

The next day we traveled to Bent Creek, that forms the border between pisgah and Asheville for a big group ride/ bachelor party for Tony that was organized by Greg. Above is the group coming down the much argued Greenslick trail.

Brad shredding it down the mountain.
Then as brad and I were leaving he saw this

its a bent creek monster!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Southeastern Promises

Our adventure in the old country continues
We were quite amused by this bit of guardrail grafitti.
Brad finishing the Buffalo Mtn TT in 6th place.

Then he whipped out his aces, he ate three very large oatmeal cream pies and fudge rounds for a 9 minute time bonus that would catapault him to 2nd place.

We rode down buffalo via the ATV trails and then rolled down the mountain via the asphalt.

Then on Monday we hit Wilkesboro the ride Warriors Creek, the newest addition at Kerr Scott lake that has been built by the BMCC
It was pretty nice that the trails would cross through campgrounds so you really only needed to carry one bottle with you since water access was plentiful

Lots of fast bermed corners. Warriors Creek is slightly more technical than the OVT with more climbing and descending. I was rolling on a 34:19 and was wishing for a 20 or 21 in the rear.

It was pretty hot and humid so we jumped into the lake to rinse and cool off before heading up the mountain.

We got to hang out with Jay, who is a Chinese exchange student from Macau that is staying with my parents.

Jay also hooked the Family up with some sweet gifts from his homeland.
We are fixing to head back to TN this afternoon. I was planning on riding the Iron Mtn trail into Damascus, but given the amount of Precip that we have had it probably not gonna be in the cards. more later......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buffalo TT

A good time was had time trialin up buffalo mountain on Saturday morning. Got to see some folks that I had not seen in a couple of years, and then redline it for about 35 minutes.
I finished 4th in the A's but got bumped back a spot as I was unable to match the ferocious appetite of my bro in law.......who choked down 3 huge oatmeal creme pies for a 9 minute time bonus.
Alan weaves this tale of speed and fudge round depravity Here
Some pics and more tales are soon to follow
Good to be back in the high country!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild weekend

As with many events this trip started out of desperation. Al was making my money on Saturday, and there were no local events to speak of so I get the ubiquitous "watcha doing sat" from John "I am not a role model" Waller. After some fast talk we decide that, the westward trail we must blaze, To accomplish 2, possibly 3 objectives.
  1. send it at Lake Wilson
  2. Rock out the Tipton Chicken ride on the tandem just to see what it will do.
  3. Possibly visit the Palen Farm to see if things are tandem-able.

Objective 1 was accomplished. Little gnar went unhucked. Things were just slightly tacky even after 3/4 of an inch the nite before. Met some other folks (that put on the ride to paradise) that were headed to tipton, too!

John and I rolled into tipton and got registered by Kim Ellenz and chatted with some of the locals. They had a great course with lots of scenic vistas and some super sketchy climbs and descents thrown in for good measure. Maybe someone got some good pictures

All the pics ore from the first 2 miles of the ride, since John was to busy holding on and swearing at me about making him descend these wild off camber descents and banging around in deep tire ruts. We had 2 flats on the rear tire that really slowed us down, but once we got going and finished the sketchy technical part of the hills, we could not be stopped.
We reeled in the peleton quickly via our 44:12 gearing. The machine really shines once you get into the wind. You just have so much more advantage in power output over single riders. After wards we hung out with Kip,Daron, Chris and several other folks whose names I did not get.

Then it was time to hit the hilight of the event: Dinner.
Fried Chicken, mashed taters, gravy, homeade pie!

We do not normally set out to have a good time at events like this (because we did not come here to have fun! as my father would say), but its hard not to have fun with the folks around Tipton
Then on Sunday we proceeded to beat ourselves stupid fighting the wind and the whitecaps indulging in some lake recreation via the USS Foster.
Tubing at 30 MPH*1.5 foot lake chop= a very sore monday
But all in the name of fun!