Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Since I have been laid up

Jasper has been tuning my suspension

Big Al got Mums, so you know that it is fall

My knee hurts just looking at this

all kinds of radness going on here
 In a attempt to not get fat whilst not able to do a lot of physical activity I have been eating lots vegetables.  I got the 40oz to use as braising liquid for the cabbage (with some brats, caraway seeds, and dijon mustard).

We went to Iowa to visit the Kochs, and so Jasper could wear his pimp Hawkeye getup
 This past week was the Woolly Race in St. Croix Falls, WI.  I went up to volunteer and to spend some time in the woods shouting at people (its way more fun than you would imagine).
The only member of the Hollywood Army that took a Busch hand-up.

Barry had a good race.

Jay Richards even showed up

With his oh so pro carbon tubular mtb wheels
Jay and his family run Maplelag, a resort in western MN that has some really punchy, gnarly single track.  Its a pretty sweet location, and is worth visiting if you are going west on I94. I got to ride there in August while I was headed out to Fargo for a conference.