Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A knife at the gun fight

That pretty much sums up what happened today when I went on a ride with larry, Charley gillum, and Kyle Arnold. In true hobo style I show up for the road ride with the singlespeed rolling on cross tires. I started to realize the error of my ways when I see that Charley is astride a all carbon Scott Plasma TT bike on zipp 202's. this will not be a lackadaisical jaunt to the country and back. The thought flashes through my mind....I could still run over to the pathfinder and get a 16 tooth cog (currently geared 42:18). Nah......I need to work on raising my cadence I tell myself. I can spin that gearing out at around23 mph. And make no mistake I did a lot of spinning. Hamsters dont spin like I did. We did the loop out to wamego and back, and I will be honest I hate that ride. Its flat its in the wind, and it is comprised entire of asphalt. There is not even a sweet little gavel section where the sand and stones dance at you feet. No you just get sandblasted by gravel trucks doing 70mph while trying to maintain a cadence of 140rpms so I can try to keep in the pace line with Larry yelling at me to go faster. I will say that Larry pulled me a long way today and alway made sure that when I got dropped I would manage to catch back up.......to be dropped again. I think that the gravel roads will be sufficiently dry by Thursday. trails should be rideable Saturday. this road thing is for the birds.
In the mean time I will be sharpening my knife.

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