Saturday, March 15, 2008

Views of the discerning hobo's

Well I never really thought that I would do one of these blog thingamajobbies but crawling from the bowels of a kansas winter has left me with a lot of time to gaze introspectively into the lifestyle that we lead.
So here is how we (big Al and I) roll:
We are from rural southern appalachia (you know, moonshine, inbreeding, incest, nascar..etc)
We have lived in the back of the truck,and should the need arise we will buy a bus to live in.
I am in the pursuit of higher education.....sort of...I know dirt.
Dirt has taken me to Kansas.
Kansas is flat
There are no trees in KS
There is lots of dirt in KS.
These shortcomings are compensated for by the fact that everybody out here is really awesome to be around and we have made so many friends since arriving here almost a year ago.
I tend to overlook details.
Big Al does not overlook details.
I have really bad ADD.
I believe that underwear is totally overrated.
We ride bikes.
We run.
Most health insurance companies have a picture of me tacked onto the high liability posterboard.
I really like doing things that make other people cringe
I have gotten where I am today by being willing to do things that other will not do.
Nobody ties on the feed bag like we do...nobody.
We have a love affair with the sweet potato.
Big Al can set on fire just by looking at you.
She will also forcefully try to apply deodorant to you if you stink....resistance is futile.
I have a resting HR of 38bpm.
my knowledge of the kings english is tempered by my ignorance of proper grammar (hillbilly, moonshine etc etc)
There will be more to follow stay tuned

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Josh said...

Welcome to the interwebs. Have no fear, it's nothing more than a series of tubes.