Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gravel adventures and old pics

I am kinda pissed at blogger right now. I wrote a quick entry on Sunday, hit publish and walked away from my circa 2003 laptop.......not wise decision. That post is forever gone, and I have no idea what I wrote about.......such is life as the poster child for attention deficit disorder.
Any how Last weekend saw Dave McLeod, Warren Weibe, Chriss Berger and myself travel to Nebraska for Cornbreads Good Life gravel adventure. A great time was had, even with my attempt to see everything that was 5 miles east of Cortland, NE. I cant follow directions.
Got to meet some awesome people and make some great new friends. We even got to travel in the Weibe Wagon! Anyhow I am up to my eyeballs in work, and will be traveling out west this weekend to put in our fall canola crop in Sterling and Larned. I will bring back lots of pics so maybe some of my family will finally figure out what I do. Anyhow here are the pics courtesy of John Waller

We can safely assume that this picture was from early in the race.

Caption: Hind sight is always 20:20 and that last lap was a poor decision.

Patterson gets a chuckle as big al shares my sentiments.

Big Al is getting Paid.
PS She now has a new ride.....stay tuned.

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