Monday, September 29, 2008

How I got like this......

The easy explanation would be that I have had a few too many head injuries. After haggling with insurance companies, the Mayo Clinic, a helicopter and ambulance company for the past year we finally have gotten the total out of pocket owed from about $32,000 USD to less than $4,300.
I sustained a minor stroke following a bike wreck at last years Conference finals Mtb bike race in Red Wing, MN. I got to ride in a ambulance, a helicopter, have a catheter inserted, and get put in one of those tube things that cost about $4 thousand to take a picture of your brain. (Later asked the doc what he saw, and he mumbled, "not much". had I not been restrained his life would have been in great peril)
This experience has left me bitter and thankful to alot of different people, and has changed my perspective on health care, insurance, USA Cycling, and Brandon Bundy. I have health care through the State of KS as a GRA at KSU. There is a specific clause that states if you are training for or participating in a athletic event they will not cover you if you are injured: See below

So After my state heath insurance denied me coverage I appealed to USA cycling and thankfully they covered my ambulance, some of the mayo bills, and most of the helicopter bills. All creditors involved learned a very valuable lesson from this....If Big Al does not want to give you her money there is a good chance that you will not be getting her money (important principle here:whats mine is hers and whats hers is hers) or at least not as much as you initially asked for.
What was left over after USA cycling insurance (the max is $25,000) we applied for low income reductions, and that helped. the economic stimulus package? yeah that went to the helicopter people.

That was great experience (sarcasm). they would not even let me look out the window. I was still stammering away trying to get them to tilt the backboard on its side so I could see out the window. It was not $8K well spent.
I can't argue that I received the best health care available in North America, but the cost of heath care is out of control. I lived in NZ and worked for a university farm, and lost part of my finger in a farm accident. Yeah I had to bleed on a hospital floor for a little while, but it did not cost me a dime out of pocket. I loath Hillary Clinton, but if she came up with a decent nationalized health care system, I might...might.....consider voting for her...but only after she had done it....i feel dirty now.
Insurance is not the answer to our nations health care issues. Insurance is great for the wealthy, but what about the largest portion of Americans that work too hard and make too much for programs like Medicaid, but cannot afford the $600-1000 dollars a month to cover a family of 4 with Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance.
Anyway enough with my babbling the thing you need to know is this- If you have insurance through the above company and you get hurt tell them you fell down the stairs.....nothing else.

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