Sunday, April 26, 2009

travelin fast and dirty

So last weekend we were supposed to meet some Joy Z and Mary T at Crowder State Park in Western MO for some campin, but schedules and Cantatas conspired against this. And they could not make it. Well as the weekend approached it looked like rain in KS, so her Al-ness was like let take a road trip to MN and WI to see them instead. 20 minutes later we were in the car and on the road.

Found out B-nast likes the water (it has been really dry in the north since the snow melted, hence the low water levels)

Brutus got to meet Eli (lab) and Skyedog (westy)......but there were so many squirels for him to hate on (hence his anti-social behavior).

Brutus and Eli wallering in the muddy water

After I did some gravel road cruising on the bike Mary T and I spent an afternoon splitting wood, a favorite pasttime in WI

Al , Joy and the dingos went for a trot

I went for a trail run, and then proceeded to walk around for the rest of the day in stinky technical wear and shorts that were questionably short for Lutheran tastes.

Joy and Al basking in the sunlight by the St. Crouix River

Later we retired to the veranda for thoughtful conversation.

Then we headed to The Top Spot for some tavern olympics and fried Cheese Curds. Joy won the Pool tournament, but no one else could match my prowless at Cricket (darts)

We finally had to go home and we were pretty wore out.


Mark Studnicki said...

very cute Westie. I had my Westie for over 6 years but unfortunately it ran into bad health problems just a few weeks and is no longer with us. Still have 2 other dogs but nothing beats having a little white dog with a big ego running around :-)

Joshua Stamper said...

Yeah Mary and Joy had a Westy that lived to be of an ungodly old age prior to the reign of skye. It is fun to have that large of a personality in that small of a package running about!