Thursday, May 7, 2009

Constant Vigilance

That's what is required to guard the gene pool. My recent hiatus from the interwebs is the product of much time spent in the field putting anhydrous ammonia in the ground.

We have been testing a the new JD 2510 series nutrient applicator with multiple rates, at three different timings. As far as nitrogen sources go anhydrous ammonia is probably the most economical source of N and is the least likely to be lost to denitrification or other fates

I built about 150 acid traps to place over the application zone to see how depth of placement affected gaseous emissions.

We have been using shower caps to keep precipitation from washing out the acid traps. Works good! I will present my finding at this years ASA Conference

Oh and got the new sled together. Now I have to wait for QBP to get their act together.

We also bought a new tandem mountain bike frame..........this is gonna hurt.....alot. More later


Riding with dogs said...

good looking ride, I like the green fork!

Joshua Stamper said...

I got itchy and threw the old flight fork on to cruise around with. the 09 rebas have been out of stock with QBP for about 2 month. But my shop called me @ 10:30pm last night to let me know that they were in stock and they had ordered me one. I also ordered a red king HS. This will be the first time I have ever had a bike wear all the components matched or even had a color scheme!

Brad said...

I spotted the JD 2510 in the trailer for the new Terminator movie. It looked quite leathal at close range.

Neve_r_est said...

Woo, tandem Kanza?


Joshua Stamper said...

No tandem least not this year, and I don't know of anyone that could stand the thought of looking at my (fine) backside for 14 hours. We may take it to Cruise the Blues this year if Doug will let us. It probably will not get built up until later in the summer. There is a local couple here in manhattan that has full susp. tandem that has done the Leadville race several times on it. They are doing the grave conspiracy ride on it next week!