Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Southeastern Promises

Our adventure in the old country continues
We were quite amused by this bit of guardrail grafitti.
Brad finishing the Buffalo Mtn TT in 6th place.

Then he whipped out his aces, he ate three very large oatmeal cream pies and fudge rounds for a 9 minute time bonus that would catapault him to 2nd place.

We rode down buffalo via the ATV trails and then rolled down the mountain via the asphalt.

Then on Monday we hit Wilkesboro the ride Warriors Creek, the newest addition at Kerr Scott lake that has been built by the BMCC
It was pretty nice that the trails would cross through campgrounds so you really only needed to carry one bottle with you since water access was plentiful

Lots of fast bermed corners. Warriors Creek is slightly more technical than the OVT with more climbing and descending. I was rolling on a 34:19 and was wishing for a 20 or 21 in the rear.

It was pretty hot and humid so we jumped into the lake to rinse and cool off before heading up the mountain.

We got to hang out with Jay, who is a Chinese exchange student from Macau that is staying with my parents.

Jay also hooked the Family up with some sweet gifts from his homeland.
We are fixing to head back to TN this afternoon. I was planning on riding the Iron Mtn trail into Damascus, but given the amount of Precip that we have had it probably not gonna be in the cards. more later......

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John said...

#1. I think you are gonna like this, kind of underground grassroots racing style besides the fee

#2. I think we should do this