Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild weekend

As with many events this trip started out of desperation. Al was making my money on Saturday, and there were no local events to speak of so I get the ubiquitous "watcha doing sat" from John "I am not a role model" Waller. After some fast talk we decide that, the westward trail we must blaze, To accomplish 2, possibly 3 objectives.
  1. send it at Lake Wilson
  2. Rock out the Tipton Chicken ride on the tandem just to see what it will do.
  3. Possibly visit the Palen Farm to see if things are tandem-able.

Objective 1 was accomplished. Little gnar went unhucked. Things were just slightly tacky even after 3/4 of an inch the nite before. Met some other folks (that put on the ride to paradise) that were headed to tipton, too!

John and I rolled into tipton and got registered by Kim Ellenz and chatted with some of the locals. They had a great course with lots of scenic vistas and some super sketchy climbs and descents thrown in for good measure. Maybe someone got some good pictures

All the pics ore from the first 2 miles of the ride, since John was to busy holding on and swearing at me about making him descend these wild off camber descents and banging around in deep tire ruts. We had 2 flats on the rear tire that really slowed us down, but once we got going and finished the sketchy technical part of the hills, we could not be stopped.
We reeled in the peleton quickly via our 44:12 gearing. The machine really shines once you get into the wind. You just have so much more advantage in power output over single riders. After wards we hung out with Kip,Daron, Chris and several other folks whose names I did not get.

Then it was time to hit the hilight of the event: Dinner.
Fried Chicken, mashed taters, gravy, homeade pie!

We do not normally set out to have a good time at events like this (because we did not come here to have fun! as my father would say), but its hard not to have fun with the folks around Tipton
Then on Sunday we proceeded to beat ourselves stupid fighting the wind and the whitecaps indulging in some lake recreation via the USS Foster.
Tubing at 30 MPH*1.5 foot lake chop= a very sore monday
But all in the name of fun!

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John said...

I am incredibly sore as well.
Here is a link.
Send me some spreadsheets....