Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Swope but lots of gravel

I woke up this morning just not feeling like driving to KC to participate in the festivities. It one thing for the KC crowd to have to drive 20 minutes for a 40 minute race, but driving at least 4 hours round trip for a short race is a whole nother story.
So her Al-ness and I decided to bust out 50 miles of flint hills gravel goodness on the mighty tandem.


Al was like"there gnar in them thar hills!"
We did manage to have a "coming to Jesus" moment, as we had a tire get cut as we were coming down a big hill at about 30 mph. Mtn Kings are not really the gravel tire of choice out here. Gonna have to do some more research to find a burly 2.1-2.3 tire for the rear. The 2.6 ardent on the front really is the cats pajamas!

Kind of like 7-11, not always doing business, but they are always open. Name that Movie!

The best seat in the house.
Good times!