Sunday, September 27, 2009

The open road with Kels and Ady

These two (well 4 actually) are the folks that I really like to live vicariously through. They are living the dream in a RV as Adam travels the midsouth running a construction crew. There is never any telling what is gonna happen between them and the bird dogs.
Got me to thinking about how we lived after we got married......And I dug through some data CD's from bygone computers and this was what I found.

Western Alberta looking at the Plain of 7 Glaciers

Lookout Mtn.......hhmmhh time for a musical break

This was in Mid Oct!

Not too many other folks about

The opposite side of Lookout Mtn

Six weeks later....pimpin Christmas trees in Maryland (you cant see the glorious RV that we got to live in, it was a heap)

Sometimes you forget that he is always there....watchin you....with his pipe...and bright blue eyes

The glory of a Winter day on Grandfather Mountain.
Long live, life in the open Road.

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