Thursday, December 24, 2009

XC whips

So I am goig to make a stab at XC racing this year, what with all the Pyscowpath and Federation of Dirt events on the calendar . In the past most of my racing has been geared more towards endurance events on the SS, but after a geared CX season I have been thinking about getting a geared bike for the XC season. I talked it over with el grande Poppi and we kicked around some different bike choices from our shop companies. I have never ridden a full suspension bike and thought that I should at least give it a whirl before investing in yet another hard tail.
I think that this will do....

Fuji DSR 1.0
word on the street is just over 22lbs, and it even comes in Bad Goat black and red
Note: Brad inspired me to do this.


Brad said...

FS is infectious. Mine's a bit heavy at 27-28 pounds, but the extra pound or two is worth it after several hours in the saddle. I think you'll be quite satisfied.
Slick look'n ride.

Andrew Slater said...

holy hotness. You definitely are not helping this case of mad gear lust that I've been coming down with lately.

Joshua Stamper said...

@brad my SS weighs almost that much. Do you still have the Monkey?
@Slater bike lust is a disease, seek help at your LBS.

Riding with dogs said...

damn you! I want a new bike! Sweet ride
You ain't sellin the SS are you?

Joshua Stamper said...

I probably need to unload one bike, and it may be the SS CX bike, despite our long and glorious history together. I like the Ferrous too much to let it go.