Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I can't believe it!
I got dumped into the Laramie Enduro lottery.
I was registered in the first 200 by my count.
I will refrain from using all caps and brightly colored letters.


laramieenduro.org said...

Hmmm, we'll have Rich Vincent the race director double-check your registration. If you registered within the first few minutes, you definitely should have made the race list.

Brad said...

Bummer Stump! I hope it's just an oversight and they get you in. But worse case, hhat do you figure the lottey odds are? 60%? 70%.

Joshua Stamper said...

@ Brad - odds are ~570 for 200 lottery spots, so not quite 2:1.

@LE.org - wow, thanks for following up, perhaps this explains the meteoric popularity of ya'lls event