Tuesday, April 6, 2010

going 0 for 3

So that whole details thing ........ not really been working out for me. Three race entry failures in fours days.
  • Chemaquagon Lottery system (on the tandem): Fail!
  • TT @ Jewell Park: Fail (but I have no one to blame but myself)
  • Laramie......doesn't look good.
seriously, I cannot fathom that that many people can type that much faster than me. I started registration the instant it opened, and then I checked the entries it listed me at a number just over 160. oh well!
Its good the see small events become popular, and there are inherently going to be some growing pains as this or any event that grows exponentially. I hope that it is wildly successful whether i get in or not.....
......and here is why.
One of the things I really liked about going west was the sense of community and the grassroots nature of events out here. I really dig the fact that stuff like Laramie, CtB, Almanzo, PCL, Ride to Paradise, Farm House Classic, The Tipton Chicken Ride (which me and Waller crushed on the Tandem), even Ouachita are all events that are meant to showcase a region, town, or just a bunch of lonesome gravel roads that people might not otherwise visit. The folks that put on these events do it cuz they want to, to raise money for a community or school and have a good time.
And they do it reasonably.
Regardless of whether I get in to the Enduro, I will probably be there. Handing up bottles, creeping on Waller and Brad, being a hooligan and otherwise bolstering the economy of Laramie, WY.
See, I am not a total dirtbag........but I am not above riding bandit.

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RD said...

omaha-lincoln-omaha 24th do it