Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So given the 7 inches of Powpow that we got on Saturday night, I decided that we should bust out the snowshoes and do some trespassing. Even Ali was game, being 39 weeks pregnant. Going was slow, but we got out to see the sights.

Its a pretty well known fact that when my dog, Brutus, talks, he does so in a gruff, gravelly voice and generally talks like a longshoreman. Here was the dialogue that transpired after our traipsing on Sunday:

Brutus: Hey, Stupid, get over here and document my sick frostbeard.

Me: Uh, Brut you don't really have a beard. Its more like whiskers......or curb feelers.

Brutus: Shut up college boy! I gotta start working on my street cred.

Me: Ok, whatever.


Brutus: Look at that! I could be in a beer commercial. (Dramatic gravelly voice) The Most Interesting Dog in the World!

Me: Yeah, well your mystique would evaporate the first time they saw you lick your butt.

Brutus: Don't judge me.

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