Sunday, January 16, 2011


Piss, I haven't done anything for two weeks. Right after New years I developed some low back pain, and then really irritated it earlier this week shoveling snow. 14 days of no exercise other than walking the dingo to the park (read: I stand there chewing on Tylenol #3 and advil while my dog craps in someones yard).
Thats the longest activity free period I have had since running the Christmas Tree lots back in the old country. I went to the Chiropractor last Friday but that has not seemed to help. Today I have had a lot less pain, but definitely feel very stiff.

This free time has allowed me to start preparing for a lot of changes that are fixing to happen........Beside the arrival of the little monster I have accepted a position with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Minnesota has taken a very proactive stance on reducing the effects agriculture has on its water. They are now making fertilizer BMP's (best management practices) mandatory. My job will be to help implement and validate these BMPs to reduce the concentration of nitrate in tile drainage lines, and evaluate TMDLs (total max daily loads) of phosphorus. I am pretty stoked to have the opportunity to get back into a career that involves soil fertility, and has a direct impact on producers and the conservation of our resources.
In a lot of ways I am really excited to make the move to St. Paul, but its gonna be challenging to have a newborn, move everything, live in temp housing, start a new job, and close on a house all in one month. Its always a adventure.

I was stoked to see that one of my favorite books of all time is going to be made into a movie. The Long Walk, by Slawomir Rawicz is hands down one of the finest stories of adventure ever written. You must read this book! I first read it 6 years ago and I still reread it once a year. A Polish officer escapes from Siberian gulag and walks to India.

Yeah, Ali just walked in and declared that, "we are going to go walk around Scheels and then eat really spicy thai food". So I will leave you with that for the moment.


Riding with dogs said...

Moving again? Damn son you're covering alot of ground these days.

Joshua Stamper said...

lord knows, I was born a rambling man. The Carrs and the Reeds need to come up to MN for a boundary waters trip......or 24 hours of 9 Mile! Hopefully we will get to make a trip home this summer and we can all get together for a ride.

Roxy said...

Josh, let us know if you need help. Good luck and keep us posted on monster's arrival.