Sunday, February 6, 2011


There is a small person that now occupies a large part of my life. He is super chill, digs sleeping, likes to hang out at the lactation station, and will pee on you. He was born at 7:30 on Feb. 2nd, weighing in at a respectable 8 lbs 11 oz

Raging on his way home from the hospital.

Jasper discovers a use for a lazy dog.

So before I hear any crap about why I named my kid after a vampire, I will state for the record that, we used the name Jasper since it was where we went on our honeymoon. Jasper NP in Alberta, Canada.
Ali is doing great, she is still stiff and sore but is moving about really well. Thanks to all our friends and family for their support. i have a lot of thoughts about this that I wish I had the time to put down, but the truth is that I don't have and will not have that luxury in the next month as we make the move to MN.
Becoming a parent has been a really surreal experience for me. It doesn't really sink in until the nurse hands you this little person.......that is making a lot of noise. Holy nuts.


Claire Hilary said...

I am so happy for you two!!

Joe Fox said...

Congrats you three! Welcome to the world of awesome!

bryan said...

It was particularly jarring for us that after two days of having a TON of support at the hospital — literally whatever you needed was taken care of — all of the sudden you're taking this baby out of the hospital all by yourselves.

Like ... um ... are you sure we can be trusted with this thing?

Joshua Stamper said...

People don't trust me to take care of myself.....thats why I got married. It did help that we were the first of our circle of friends from KS to have kids, so it has been a steady stream of people to hand the little monster off to.
Becoming a parent has been a especially surreal experience, Having to move to MN 8 days after becoming parents shakes you out of it pretty quickly.