Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spin Class

Not gonna lie, I have made fun of a lot of people that talk about spin class. I apologize.

It is pretty amusing the types of people that come to spin class. Ali and her sister, who is in the cities for a week, gave me the low down on what to expect. I was told that there would be roadies, cheerleader types, and that the spin teacher would be annoyingly perky.


There were no roadies, no cheerleaders, and the instructor looked and sounded like a squat, older, Russian peasant woman. She was probably Stalin's mother. I guess I was not prepared to show up and be the most advanced person in the class. There were a lot of grandmothers in the class, and a few middle aged men that looked like they would rather be somewhere else. I was surprised when the instructor said that spin cadence was not to exceed 110 rpms. The instructor had us doing all of these stand up on the pedals sessions, but they were so long that no one could have been using very much resistance. She was constantly shouting things that I could not understand between her thick accent and the blasting trance music.

I think that I will get a lot out of spin class. As strange as it was I really enjoyed it. It breaks up the monotony of riding the trainer (that I do not have currently) and the annoyance of the Robbie Ventura DVD that is in a shipping container (with the trainer and geared bikes). It did suck trying to get the bike to fit me in the period of 5 minutes.

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Claire Hilary said...

One winter, I pulled Rich to spin with me every week. Even twice a week sometimes...
He was the one belting out the songs and dancing while everyone else was hardly able to catch their breath.
I remember once he started to uncontrollably laugh at the instructor (little to her knowledge) and she stopped the entire class because nobody could figure out what was going on...
Another time, a Paris Hilton Look-Alike got stuck in the cages and without a freewheel, face dove straight into the mat on the ground.

I tell ya, we had some good times in spin.