Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chequamegon NF and the Rock Lake Trails in the Namekagon Trail Cluster

Weekend before last, Team Stamper and Team Johnson made the trip up to Cable, WI for some singletrack and sunshine with the wild pack of Dingos in tow.

This bat was a little too committed to chasing down the insects ( of which there is no shortage up there)

May the PCL be with you.

Dennis Grelks old Dragonfly. It simmers grits.

Butchy scouts the steep lines of Wall Street of the Rock Lake Trail.
If you live up north you really should make the time to ride here.
If you have a "Trail" or "all mountain" bike (and can ride it) this is the trail for you. There are only a few trails that I can really say that I wish I had a 4 or 5 inch bike to ride, and this is one of them (the only others that readily come to mind are Wilson Lake KS, Pisgah, and Little Casino to Big Casino Creek in Stanley, ID). I say this because most trails may have some tech sections, but few have enough sustained gnar to warrant full suspension or even a trail bike. I road it on the SS and had a ton of fun, but would have really dug having a 29er Anthem (hint hint)

But fear not, gentle bike wives! There are more tame options at hand too! Ali and katie were out for a 3 hour tour. Katie said she loved it, and said that it was the first time that she had fun on a Mtb.

She was probably just glad to get a break from wrestling kiddo's.

Loafing by the lake.

Nobody had any fun

Jappers got a Big P's gift pack.

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