Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer dump

Been pretty busy keepin it thug. Living Minnesota life.
Its kind of strange how time starts to get away from you, but man, does it ever.

Took the time to head up to ride the new trails up at Cayuna Lakes. 20-some miles of fresh singletrack, that is almost entirely made of mine tailings. Very much like the trails at Warrior Creek or OVT at Kerr Scott Lake

Rode up with fellow Battle Creeker Drew Diller and Andy Wentzel. Drew was rolling his homemade bamboo fat bike. He runs it as a SS but with a Hammerschmidt 2 speed crank. Its pretty sick, but you don't get 50 feet before people are stopping us to ask questions about his bike.

Trails are pretty fast, and the surrounding area is definitely worth the drive.

Last weekend I drove Ali up to St. Croix Falls so that she could shred some singletrack with my coworker/GIS zenmaster Kim Kaiser. Me and Jappers went strolling about, poaching blackberries.

Then I did something that I normally would never do. I mounted up road rubber. Don't judge me. Last Month, as Butch and I were riding back from a especially soggy ride. There was a yard sale, that NO ONE had been to all day. So just for giggles we stopped. I ended up buying a pair of nearly new 25c Conti Gatorskins AND a new pair of 40c Schwalbe Marathon Duremo tires...... for a dollar.

Ali brought back country ham from the old country.

My new dough got out of control.

Jasper kills and eats his first avacado

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