Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Border Battling and adventures with small children

So last week my folks were in town to visit so we made the trip up too Duluth.

The lift bridge in all its glory.

Jasper gets grammy time

"We don't know nothing about what happened to your beer"

Then Ali and I had some free time for bike ride/date nights, and she squanders it taking pictures of me peeing in the woods

I made a quintessential southern dinner of Collard greens, rosemary roasted taters, and buttermilk brined fried chicken.

Jasper is mobile enough now to really begin to pester Brutus

Then on Sunday I slipped out to River Falls for my first WORS race. Not quite sure what to think. There were a ton of people. After the tar whipping I recieved at last years afton avalanche I thought that comp would be a more appropriate place for me given the depth of the fields and my disdain for actual training. I am rethinking that after sunday. I think I would rather deal with a few PRO women than have to spend half my race fighting traffic in the COMp class.

It was a good experience, but putting 200 racers on a 5 mile course with 4 passing spots made for lame racing, especially on the SS.
Getting a callup in the WORS race is a huge advantage. I got 7th in the comp SS but was only 2 minutes back from the first place time and a good minute of that difference was established in the first mile as we slogged up the BFH. My 7th place SS time would have gotten me 2nd place in my age group.......you can't say the competition isn't great.

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