Saturday, November 5, 2011

Levis Trow

First, it is pronounced Lev-iss, not like Levi's jeans. And apperently a Trow a mystical northern euro-centric midget. Hence this is why they host Gnome-fest here? (in best Mina Hosni voice, "creepy")
I racked up some flex time last week so I took Friday off and we went to central WI to check out the IMBA Epic route. I had heard stories about these trails and wanted to scope things out. The trails will close in a couple of weeks due to WI rifle season, and the woods were already thick with bow hunters.
Lots of terrain, roots, loose sand, and steep climbs abounded. I really felt that I spent all of the first day just trying to figure out what direction to ride and never got past the Levis mound. This morning I managed to find the trail of the IMBA Epic Route and proceeded to ride until I could not stand it any more.

The only one-way trail.

Billy Goat Gruff

Rolling Toad Road

I was getting pretty sick of all these vistas.

6 point.

Goat Dance.


For the next trip bring:
Gears or nothing bigger than 32:20. I ran 34:18 (and walked nothing) and it hurt. alot. Its not that you cant do it with a big gear, but if you wanna ride all day, its not sustainable.

Tent: There is primitive camping at the TH with bathrooms and water. Since it was pretty chilly at night we stayed at a rustic country motel. It was really nice, but next time we will camp to make full use of the facilities.

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Brent Butch Johnson said...

I'll be there next time. Radtastic