Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Old Country

I am so covered up with things that I think its easier to just let the pictures tell the stories

Gaspar got to visit the Brothers Scott. Jake struggles with the concept that one time, he too, was a small person

Brutus and Barley had a budding bromance

Butch would have approved

Huffing and puffing up the north Boundary Road

Recovering from all the riding

Slaving for the man.

The view from my parents farm. If it wasn't for the prospects of abject poverty I would go back.

Gaspar gets behind the wheel

Image jacked from E. Hoesly's Facebook Album
The mud and the Crud at Jingle Cross. Results were marginal at best, but the honkeys from Nebraska were positively dominating. Its pretty obvious that they are taking it to another level. Mod swept the Masters 35+ all three days, but Noah was just killing it. I can remember when we were pretty evenly matched, but He has really taken his game to a whole other level. Rafal was within striking distance of the SS podium all weekend, and finally took the spot that he wanted on Sunday. Great Job Nebraska! But Nebraskans ain't no one trick ponies. Enter the Super Fans.

Image jacked from E. Hoesly's Facebook album
Good times!
Last night I got my old Reba fork converted over to 100mm of travel. Ali wanted longer travel on her 29er after riding my bike this summer.

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