Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The North Woods Adventure

I am just now recovered enough to think about the 3 days that I spent with the thirty-some intrepid souls that traveled up the north shore of Lake Superior for just under 300 miles of gravel and Forest service roads.  This was something that I have wanted to do for several years, but lived too far from national forest to really be able to pull it off. First, I put on these events because I get joy from seeing others challenged and having fun.  I try to put together events that I would want to do.  I also put a lot of stock in making it feasible for people to do.  If you are not into bikepacking the concept of riding point to point is really foreign, but this type of venue lets participants get to know each other and hopefully create some lasting friendships.
Laying down the rules of the gravel road. Photo cred: deathrider

Lisa Keeps all the boys in line

It was about 50 degrees and rainy, and while everyone else was donning jackets, Eddie just pulled on his snowmobile gloves

Ted Loosen choking down what could be the worlds worst breakfast sandwich

The Ely police setup across the street from our bike house. Lots of shady Characters

Tara, our other lady, was all smiles even when things were awry

Lisa mocks the driving rain

The big pot of boiling water for hot chocolate at a the aid station was a huge hit

Frank Lundeen rides like Landgraf

Two very different people with a common interest, adventure.

Novak: Unhurried and In control

Drew drove the pace all weekend long and took the GC.  His worst stage finish was 2nd (due to my crappy directions)
I could go on, but I was really blown away by how positive everyone was. 
Drew posted his experience here, and Josh Peterson talks about his shenanigans. Charly Tri will probably post something soon too (about moose, tetherball, and axe body spray).
I will post a final review on the GC site this weekend. I am currently off the bike indefinitely until I get my knee issue resolved.  I had a MRI on Monday but the Doc still has not gotten back in touch with me.

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