Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter 14: who needs therapy?

Now that the boys are a year older; we have had our first winter where both Ali and I have been able to get out of the house. Even if it has been the coldest MN winter in 35 years.

Yes, those are lips.....fresh off of the face of a 3 year old
Plenty of outside fun!
Frost Beards abounded.
XC skis were had, and many a weekend afternoon was spent with the Johnsons.

Nothing more pro than taking the holeshot and blowing it in the first corner.
I refrained from any winter riding once we got into the depths of the winter chill. Sometimes its just fun to yell disparaging things at people.

"Why did you bring me to this forsaken place?"
One evening we did pictures of each of the family.

"guess whats in my diaper?"

"You there, yes, you, fetch me that floppy eared dog"

"the child is biting the dog, but I am going going to smile anyway"
We drove to TX in Feb to see Mina and Tanner. with the children and the dog. nonstop. 19 hours. No meltdowns. My progeny are road warriors.
Got to ride a whole bunch of the Buffalo Bayou. Refrained from any serious crime.
Love being able to get produce year round. The Hispanic influence in south Texas means that there are some pretty terrific vittles to be had

I got to defile Mina's granite countertops
We also took the grommets to the Houston "chillins" museum that had the Dr. Seuss display.

Grinchin' ain't easy
When Ali's mom was in town we got out on a ski date (it was about -5F)
 But alas, winter is quickly fading, and the snow drifts are receding.

I never know what I will find in snow drifts around here.

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