Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Linclon CX weekend

While we were house hunting this weekend we were able to sneak down to Lincoln for some CX action. Managed a top five Finish. Results are here

Full Details will be at the Bad Goat Blog later tonight. The thesis monster consumes much of my time these days. It must be to my commitee by monday. It will be about 100 pages.

All pictures were lifted from the Michael Dixon Gallery
Cornbread asserted his dominance in the SS race!
Seriously, Mad props to the Lincolnites for a great low key race at a awesome venue. Hooligan hill certainly lived up to its billing! There was all sorts of sketchiness up there! Bacon and hotdog handups.......


Cornbread said...

Wow, that photo is stupid funny. The rake was the prize for the Nebraska SS State Championship.

Thanks again for traveling up North for the race. It's always great to see our homies from Kansas up in Lincoln. If you wanna make it a weekend next year and need a place to crash, let me know.

Joshua Stamper said...

Would not have missed it! We will be up a couple of times over the next few week as we are gonna be buying a house somewhere on the west side of omaha. I will give you a heads up and perhaps we can get some gravel cruising in.
Thanks again for the good times!