Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I have been taking part in a supplement study at the Bad Goat Racing Center for Unethical Studies, and it is evaluating different "supplements" in near lactate threshold activities.
This is done by establishing what our maximum output is through a step-wise torture session. After this torture session, the coordinator (whom we will call Himmler) flexes his mathematical muscles, and calculates what we can theoretically put out watt-wise for 50 minutes and remain under our lactate threshold.

Then he gives us the call and starts us on this program where we eat the same thing the day before our test, and fast for 12 hours preceding the test (If there is anything worse than riding as hard as you can, its riding as hard as you can on a empty tank).Then
  • Consume supplement and proceed to ride a "Wall" workout for 50 minutes. Wattage remains constant and the slower you pedal the greater the increase in resistance.
Blood is drawn continuously to measure hemocrit, and our VO2 is also measured at intervals.
  • After the wall workout we have 3 minutes to draw some blood, and spin with no resistance. then the hammer drops with a uphill 10k TT with VO2 being measured continuously. We can choose our gearing and speed on the TT, but as Shad says about gears, "that just allows you to dial in your pain setting".

So the first few sessions were just awful, with my TT times being around 23 minutes, but today I easily spun through the workout, and crushed the TT in just under 21 minutes.
I personally have always believed that it does not matter what fuel you put in the furnace as long as its is burning hot enough. HHHmmmhhh...........sort of crushes that idea.
So, I was like Himmler, buddy , ol' pal, what the hump was in that supplement?
In a faint northern European accent he mumbled something about academic integrity and refused to tell me. All I know is whatever it was I want more of it.
The other variable that could have affected today was that I got to choose the radio station, Classic Country!
Self loathing and suffering was just a little more bearable when Merle Haggard is crooning in my ear. I tried singing along through the mouth piece that was hooked up to the respirometer, but stopped when my HR hit 165 and and the "slobber" catchment on my tube filled up. Himmler was not amused, kept mumbling about the old days with Basso. More will be revealed in the following weeks

In other news I won the early career division of the ASA/Tri-Societies 5k fun run in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and finished 3rd overall turning sub 6 minute miles.
I still don't have a job though........


Brad said...

That's a sick sounding science experiment. I guess you were the only animal that was harmed. That sounds pretty tough. I hate the bonk feeling. I would hate to induce it on purpose, but I guess you get to learn a lot in the process. Let me in on what "dope" you get formulated.

Paul said...

Sounds like you had a good race in Pittsburgh, what was your time?