Monday, November 9, 2009

new wheels and it started raining

Found B-nast loafing this evening since we got some precip and things have been kinda wet. Its always best to let sleeping dogs lie.

New wheels for the SS CX bike finally showed up. I decided that I wanted some light wheels for my out and about bike, and I really like the ZTR rims. I also cannot figure out why all of this is underlined?

ZTR 355's laced to American Classic Hubs with DT Aero Speed bladed spokes with Hutchinson Bulldogs. Found them for a song and a dance. Yah, new gravel wheels!

Finally put the SS gravel machine back together. The challenge is that the wider ZTR rims dont really interface with my brakes as well as the narrower Open Pro's. The wider rims also really plump up the already voluminous Bulldogs. I may have to respace the brake pads.

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