Monday, February 8, 2010

I realy dig it when people decide to do something with little thought for how it is going to get done. To say, "I am gonna put on a free race, don't have a plan to cover the costs, not sure how many people will show up, but its going to happen!" takes a lot of gumption.

Last year I did something similar to what Chris is doing with almanzo 100, called the Gravel Conspiracy. I wanted to put on a event like what the PCL does but without having have my route confined by towns to resupply food and water. I was simply overwhelmed with the amount of support I got from many different sources for operating capitol, prizes, and and the hopluia! So when I read about what Chris was doing I was all in.
In the current day and age of +$100 entry for a tshirt and cheesy swag, to have someone say "I am gonna put on a event soley cuz I want to, dont care if you pay, and I hope you show up" says a lot.

Its gonna rain beef bourguignon on her Al-ness when she gets back from the old country tomorrow!


Neve_r_est said...

+450 folks on gravel. It's gonna be like a mini Chequamegon rollout that never ends. Should be interesting.


Joshua Stamper said...

@DG It should keep things exciting. You going to Syllamo this spring?

Neve_r_est said...

Yup. May is so far away. I hope I survive till then.