Sunday, February 7, 2010

North Country

Woke up to see the flakes falling straight to the the ground. No wind. time to see all the rural glory of Elk City, Arlington, dutch hall (via the dump), and points north of the 'Loo via gravel.

going west out of Elk City there is simply a gorgeous section for river bluff that looks down on the Platte and the Elkhorn just to the left of the Cemetery

Bet I would piss some folks off if I bought a lot and stuck a double wide on it. Don't think I wouldn't....

First 25 miles saw the snow staying pretty fluffy and made for easy riding through.

However the roads started to get sketchy and the temps warmed, truck traffic increased, and my front wheel started to wander on the snow over hard pack. I went down 3 times in about 3 miles. Cut things a little short and took pavement home. all in all I got in about 40 miles.
Good times!
Yesterday, I went to Skutt high school to watch a wrestling tournament. Skutt dominated everybody, but I was really impressed with the 125lb kid from Beatrice, NE. This kid hit some of the slickest Granby High-Lows I have seen in the midwest (granby is predominantly seen in the east coast in the VA Beach sphere of influence), later hit a granby roll. was pretty impressive.

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