Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lost ramblin'

It has come to my attention that the ol’ bloggie has been slowly slipping down the sidebars of many other blogs. Honkies, best rest assured that fast planting and low living have not been able to hold us down.

I never thought that may ability to calculate gear inches and set up a straight chainline would ever have any bearing on my noncycling pursuits.
I can take a gear ratio and the number of kernels that it plants in 17.4 row feet and quickly calculate the planting population per acre for any other gear ratio. This blew the collective minds of my supervisors.

On other fronts big Al was rocking some new hippie kickers. White. It’s the new Bad Goat Black.

Saturday morning had me rolling to the otherside of the mighty Missouri River for some THOR organized trail rerouting at the Lewis and Clark Trail “neverrest” (not that NeveRest).

Martin getting all sawhappy.

Whiskers walks nasty on the new ascent of “Supermodel” at L&C.

Whole lotta bench got cut. Later there were smoked pork sandwiches, Schlitz, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was almost like being back in the old country (we invented pigs, then pork BBQ, and are the home of KK) .

Another round of Platte all to myself.
Maybe it’s the fact that after having had to drive at least an hour to get to really great singletrack while living in KS, I think that Platte is the most underappreciated trail in NE. I am planning another Gentlemans race one evening in the next few weeks. Be prepared.

WTH? (what the hump?)

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John said...

WHAT THE HUMP! You horehound! The hive is my bling!