Thursday, May 27, 2010

One lap more than I was prepared for

That what summed up the Training race that Flatwater put on at Branched Oak this evening.
I raced Cat. 1.
on the SS.
Good enough for 4th....out of 4.
Peterson and Nate rode away early, and I chased a Cycleworks rider for 4 laps. Got within a few seconds several times, but then he would slip away in the open sections.
I do realize that I can realistically no longer race sport, but its kind of disheartening knowing that I cannot make the time commitment that it requires to be competitive at this level.
I never really gave Categories much thought since my interests have alway been more endurance leaning. However the demands of my time have been very great this year, and I am deferring all my long races to late in the season.
The good news is that I got into the Laramie Enduro!
Get the email a couple hours ago.
Gotta head down to Manhattan tomorrow to pick up a load of new parts for the bike whose name cannot be mentioned and some Call Hall Bacon!

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