Thursday, May 13, 2010

my aspirations

So I have secretly thought about:
  • buy a walmart bike (a mongoose!)
  • swap out the pedals to Times
  • Put it in the big ring (cuz I don't expect it to shift more than 5 times)
  • show up at a XC race were no one knows me
  • in cut off jean shorts (hey nate, can I borrow that Iron Maiden Shirt?)
  • And crush the hopes and dreams of a dentist on a $6000 bike

I really don't have a good explanation for this image
Because I like Irony (If I could I would put I-9's on a Trek 820)
I hope that this does not make me a bad person.

Seriously, I have been having some really wild thoughts recently as I have been spending many, many hours standing, counting and sorting seed to send out. Couple this with a affinity for Quaaludes and things could get all "fear and loathing' real quick. Last week I worked over 70 hours.
Hump. I don't even like working 40 hours!
And this was 70 hours of standing in one location doing a mindless, menial task.....INSIDE!
It will make you crazy.
Everybody I work with is now waiting for things to dry out so we can plant.
Its kind of like that calm before the storm.
Everyone is jumpy and on edge.
I don't care, as long as I don't have to count or sort any more seed.....and think about racing on a Mongoose.


Carney said...

I have always wanted to do the same thing! Admittedly - a bunch of us did at the midwest mtn bike fest a couple a years back. Me winning an uphill TT in bibs with no shirt? Check.

Schwinn beach cruiser with I9's - now we're talkin!

Riding with dogs said...

I think this is a great idea, you should totally do it. After the race is over go back to WalMart return the bike for a refund and tell them it doesn't work properly.

Neve_r_est said...

How about a pink 20" Little Mermaid girls bike, fenders coaster brake, kick stand, streamers, and white street tires included. I think there's one in the shed here if your looking for that ultimate race machine. Might even have some of those cool white plastic disc covers for it.


RD said...

I was by your house Saturday morning. good thing I didn't stop by you might of punched me in face

Joshua Stamper said...

DG, What the ETT length? how long are the streamers? Are they sparkly?
I believe that Violence is a tool of the ignorant. Big Al has been known to punch a hippy in her day, though.
Give me a shout the next time you are in the 'Loo.

Cornbread said...

Josh, this idea of yours is pure genius. I'd be in for the fun too.