Tuesday, November 4, 2008


To all the race promoters out there.....you get nothing but crap from people for the job that you do, and no one see all the work that goes into a race. I respect you.
This past weekend I volunteered to help out with Boss Cross at Tiffany Springs Park. It was also my first ever experience with Jeremy, who strikes you as being more at home promoting punk rock shows than cycling events. He was frickin hilarious spinning vinyl on top of the "the dutchman", mocking peter every time he went by, spitting game at Hersheys' bonnie lass, and putting a dent in the Boulevard stockpiles all the while. Truly a gentleman of distinction.
I also learned that Hersey is really demented at least as far as designing CX courses go. We were standing there admiring his coup de etat, the uphill undulating washboard section. His observation was pretty much, a "ugh,I would not want to have to ride that" muttered through gritted teeth as we watched the masters grind away up the earthen cobbles.
It was a long day but it was good to get to meet some new folks and see the nationals course.
Joe Bob, Kathy, and the wee Fox met us at some pasta place a little later. The wee Fox was eyeballing my pumpkin ravioli (it was much better than it sounded) probably cuz the fillin looked like baby food.
I have got to say how beautiful western MO is in the fall. There are lots of hardwoods and colors as the trees change, not the monochrome brown that I have gotten used to in central KS. I miss home..........

Sigh......the land of the pine

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LeLan Dains said...

Mr. Stamp, I appreciate the trail advice. I am not in TN permanently and in fact will be back in KS for the month of December. Then possibly relocating to the beautiful Catskills of NY. Or sticking around KS and furthering my education. Who knows? I've got a lot to think about. But, Next weekend I was planning on making a trip over to the Eastern side of TN where I hear the good riding is. I have a friend in Chattanooga so I will probably spend most of the weekend around there since I have a free place to stay. I could be convinced to travel a little further East and sleep in my truck if need be. If the riding is worth it that is. Let em know.