Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tell your maw, tell your paw, went down to Arkansas

Spent several days backpacking around the Buffalo River, and learned the perils of doing like a dozen creek crossings in the middle of winter. Lets just say that it was not exactly tropical

Got out of AR while the gitting was good, and made it up to KC for some boss cross shenanigans in the the mud and snow. Platte may not be the fields of Flanders but it was pretty wild nonetheless. I managed a 2nd in the cat 4 which is my best finish ever in a non-ss race. Every person that I passed, I passed on foot. Todays race was all about being the fastest person OFF the bike. Once again props to Jeremy, Joe Bob, Hersey and everybody else that makes this event happen
I will post up the rest of the story when I finish my lecture and get a better/faster connection

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