Thursday, November 20, 2008

we suck again

uh.....uh......(hanging head).....uh.....I generally stay out of the political arena, mostly cuz I think all politicians suck. For me choosing between McCain vs Obama was like picking between putting my hand in a garbage disposal and getting a grundle tattoo. Mike was interviewed on NPR this evening and managed not to sound like a geriatric moron. Needless to say, I liked Mike.
ignore the write up and listen to the interview.
Yes, he is conservative, but he is calling for honest dialogue, not the foaming of the mouth diatribe that the rest of the GOP flunkies spew at every chance they get.


YPJ said...

Yes, I too like Mike. Your boy Obama is going to make it quite difficult for us to buy guns. Thats unfortunate.

jdstamp said...

Its quite safe to say that obama is not and has never been my boy.

Josh said...

I vote for you getting the grundle tat.

jdstamp said...

the grundle tat would be of Carl Roves face